Youtooz Stranger Things Collection Demodog Vinyl Figure #11

Sale price$29.99 USD


Crawling menacingly into Youtooz on all fours and standing at 3-inches tall, its head opens in 5 diamond sections to resemble a fleshy pink flower which is covered in a series of sharp dirty teeth. With its skeletal body hunching forward and pale skin clinging tightly to its emaciated form, thin veins run down the back of its head as their sharp claws are always ready to land a finishing blow. The exterior of its packaging sees a trio of Demodogs crawling ominously through a dark tunnel, while the interior is black sticky goop running in tendrils over a black background. The protective sleeve recreates the Upside Down with a dilapidated house and spindeling trees as its figure can be seen through the large clear display window at its front. Ages 15 and up.

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