Youtooz South Park Collection St. Patrick's Day Towelie Vinyl Figure #14

Sale price$29.99 USD


Sitting on a plastic lawn chair in an extremely relaxed demeanor is everyone's favorite, Towelie! With his eyes half open and the whites of his eyes just a tiny bit pink, Towelie is in the St. Patrick's day spirit as he has changed from his normal blue self to a more festive green tone. He sits as his back is leaned into the chair, with his legs crossed in front of him. His right arm is resting on the armrest next to him as his left hand is busy holding up a black pipe that is attached to his mouth. Hey it's been a long week, give the man a break. The exterior of his double-walled packaging shows a farmland, with a barn and a home in view surrounded by greenery all around. The interior is the South Park logo repeating on a grayscale pattern. The protective sleeve shows Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle peeking in from the corners on top of a black background.

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