Youtooz Castlevania: Nocturne Collection Richter Vinyl Figure #0

Sale price$29.99 USD


Richter is posed crouching at just over 4-inches on his left knee and holding a long brown whip which wraps around his body. He holds the curled end in a clenched gloved fist, strands of messy brown hair fall over the white bandana that’s tied around his forehead and falls down his back. With a determined grin crossing his face, his long blue coat flows out at the waist and is embellished with a thick white trim as his pale pants lead into tall grey boots. The exterior of his packaging shows him unleashing a flurry of whiplashes in a dark forest. The interior shows a shadowy town covering a large hill under a dim blue sky which continues onto the protective packaging as his figure can be seen through the large clear window at the packaging’s front.

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