Youtooz! Bioshock Collection Big Daddy Vinyl Figure #0

Sale price$29.99 USD


This Big Daddy has it all! Standing at just over 5 1/2-inches tall in his classic armoured look of a hulking biopunk-inspired diving suit, he raises his right arm high with a huge frightening drill pointing upwards as a huge cage stretches down to cover the bright yellow orbs of head plating. With two massive grey tanks attached to his back and protected with thick panels across his torso, his brown gloved left hand is thrust forward as his studded armored boots are planted firmly to the ground. The windowed display box has been illustrated to show the silhouette of a Big Daddy peering at your from the other side of a window with glowing red eyes. While the interior has been illustrated to show a pale Rapture city 'skyline' sprawling across a cool blue sea, this continues onto the protective packaging and can be seen through ornate windows.

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