Pac-Man Crest Augmented Reality Enamel Pin

Sale price$12.99 USD


Who can forget Pac-Man, the maze action game developed and released by Namco for arcades in 1980? Relive the fun today with the remarkable Pac-Man Crest Augmented Reality Enamel Pin! Scan this carefully crafted pin based on what was probably your very first 8-bit cartridge to see animation synced to some of the most memorable music in gaming history. Move the pin away from the viewfinder or your device away from the pin to trigger the pop-out in AR space. After one cycle of animation, tap the Bonus Menu for a selfie frame and some wallpapers for your device. How cool is that?!

Don't miss any of the Pac-Man Pinfinity augmented-reality pins, each sold separately!

Pinfinity collectible pins bring your favorite fandoms to life with animation, sound, and interactive experiences. Powered by augmented reality and a free mobile app, Pinfinity pins can play video/animation, play audio tracks, provide access to downloadable content, link out to websites, display selfie frames, and more! Ages 16 and up.

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