Kidrobot Ted (TV Show) 13" Plush with Sound

Sale price$34.99 USD


Your own personal thunder buddy is here and ready to snuggle up when you’re scared! Remember: It’s just God’s farts! This Ted Plush with Sound by Kidrobot is a must-have for every teddy bear-loving adult. Is there anything better than a talking teddy bear that will never judge you for your naughty nature? Nope! Designed with high-quality plush and embroidered details, this cuddle-ready plushie is the perfect companion for kickin’ back with a cold one after a long day. Ted is always prepared, so get ready to be high on life with your favorite movie character and listen to your favorite movie quotes whenever you want—just press his hand! This Ted plush is 13 inches tall and comes complete with batteries and attached bong and lighter.

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