Funko Pop! Toy Story Forky Mini-Figure 4-Pack

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Your favorite Funko Pops! have been shrunk into Bitty Pops! Expand your Toy Story collection with this assortment of Funko Bitty Pop! figures featuring your most beloved talking toys!

This Toy Story Forky Funko Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure 4-Pack includes:
1x Forky Funko Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure #528
1x Sheriff Woody Funko Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure #522
1x Gabby Gabby Funko Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure #527
1x Mystery Funko Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure

Running out of space for full-sized Pop! Vinyl Figures? Build a collection of your favorite Pop! Vinyl Figures that take of a fraction of the space! Each Bitty Pop! Mini-Figure measures approximately 1-inch tall and comes packaged in a miniature acrylic Pop! box. The bottom lid of the pop box can be opened to remove the Bitty Pop!, but the figure is attached to the bottom lid. Each Bitty Pop! 4-Pack includes 4x Bitty Pop!s in individual acrylic Pop! boxes, with the set of 4 lined up horizontally together in a long acrylic case. 3 characters are visible, while one is a mystery and could be any one of 4x possible chase figures with varying rarities!

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