Mercari Attention, Price increase
So, if you if you don't know, we sell on multiple of platforms. Mercari being one of them. Now for most of our customers, we understand that the security of a transaction is important and Mercari offers that. But that security comes at a price, and for many, that price is unaffordable. So many do use the "offer" option to attempt to save a few pennies. The reason is usually driven by Mercari continue shipping fee increases that really doesn't save anyone any money and only just a few pennies below what USPS charges at retail. You have to understand retial. Mercari has an agreement with USPS and they get a heavily discounted rate off retail. But you don't get that rate, you get lower then "retail" rate, but not their rate. The other shipping options are just too expensive. The only one that has any true value is the FEDEX sure post for $7.99. That is a up to 3 LB box anywhere in the US. But last year, they launched the "Local Delivery Service". It is where you can order your item from a local seller and have it delivered the same day (Maybe) for $7.99 utilizing a carrier such as Door Dash. But Effective 1 Jun 2022, they are increasing that service fee too $10.99. Now I can say, not a local soul used that service when purchasing from me. To be honest, I think it is a very little used program as it is easier to just arrange a local pickup and by passing that fee altogether or pay the Shipping fee and have it delivered the next day. Cause if you are in the "Local" area, it's 1 day shipping. Why spend the $11 for an 8 oz package and maybe get it picked up and delivered that day, or spend $4.87 and get it the next day through USPS? The program made no sense at all, it was way too expensive. Now maybe for $5, I can see it working and being utilized more often. But if it got no use at $7.99, how the hell do you think it will get used more raising it $3? This is just another prime example of a company getting greedy and sticking it to the rest of us in a inflation period and the rising of gas prices making many paychecks become week to week or even less. When it comes to Money, Mercari checks morals at the door.