Funko Jujutsu Kaisen Shipping and arrival ETA moved to Early Jan 2023 on first day of Funkoween
Well, Funkoween has started and the most anticipated Animation line Jujutsu Kaisen was first to get announced. But it also comes with its own sort of delays, The line's initial arrival date was as far back as early this year. That date, as well as others, has come and gone. Thus, why the delay in releasing pictures.  Unfortunately, the shift in arrival date still continues. Most companies order from distributors that never updated their listing or has an old update. They range from June-Sept 2022. Sadly, last week, I blogged about the delay report coming out with the latest Exit Factory dates and Jujutsu Kaisen had a significant shift. The last update, the line was due to exit the Factory on 19 May 2022, but due to "Operational Constraints" at the Factory, the NEW exit date is 20 Oct 2022. The earliest arrival for this line will be early/mid Jan. As you can see, the line will not be in small businesses hands until well past these "Promise" dates. Which means a lot of pissed off customers! Now does this impact the big box retailers? I do not Know; they get their products directly from the factory shipped to their warehouses. So, it's possible they will get theirs well before the holidays. With it being around the holiday season, even the Large Box Retailers will face their own struggles.  I will keep you updated as best as possible JR
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